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Commercial Property

Franklin & Co.’s Commercial Property team possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience, and provide comprehensive legal advice to clients across Derbyshire and the surrounding region on a wide range of commercial property transactions.

Whether your business is a long-standing and well established venture, or you are only just starting out on your journey, you can rely on Franklin & Co. to support you. The field of commercial property cannot be defined by reference to an exhaustive list; there are so many varied transactional requirements in relation to both commercial and mixed-use property. But irrespective of your business goals, objectives, operation, size and turnover, it is likely that you will require some sort of commercial legal advice during the lifecycle of your business.

We pride ourselves on getting to know you and finding out all about your business. This helps us to clearly identify your needs and requirements, and tailor our professional advice and the bespoke drafting of documentation accordingly.

Franklin & Co. offers legal advice on an extensive range of commercial property transactions, including:

  • Adverse possession and boundary adjustment
  • Assignments and subletting of existing leases
  • Authorised guarantee agreements
  • Business start-up advice
  • Buying and selling of agricultural property
  • Buying and selling of business assets
  • Buying and selling of commercial property
  • Commercial and residential property development
  • Conditional contracts
  • Deeds of variation of contracts
  • Leasing commercial property – acting for either landlord or tenant
  • Mortgages and secured lending
  • Option agreements
  • Overage clawback agreements
  • Review and preparation of standard terms and conditions
  • Variations and amendments to existing lease

We will always try to carry out our work under a fixed fee arrangement, as we acknowledge the importance to our clients of price certainty. Where appropriate, we may also offer fee choices to our clients, to allow a client-led selection of the most appropriate fee structure in the circumstances. We will therefore fully discuss with you our proposed professional fee (and provide an estimate of third-party costs) before you are financially committed. We aspire to transparency in all our fee quotes offered and the services we deliver.

At Franklin & Co. we recognise the need to efficiently progress transactional matters, while at the same time ensuring our clients are best-represented and protected by the terms and conditions of the matter at hand; as such, all commercial property matters are supervised by our experienced Head of Commercial Property to ensure this balance is achieved diligently.

Contact Franklin & Co.’s Commercial Property team to discuss your requirements and experience our commitment to providing exceptional service.